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In this issue, Mines magazine brings you three feature articles concerned with sustainable and renewable energy.

Gov. Bill RitterMines and the "New Energy Economy"

This speech by Gov. Bill Ritter addresses the critical role Mines can play in helping meet the world’s changing energy needs.
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SmokestacksEnergy and the Curse of Interesting Times

Plumbing human history for guidance on the energy challenge facing the international community.
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Rapeseed fieldProspecting Biofuels 

With interest in biofuels growing, Mines offers this survey of current technologies and outlines C2B2, an innovative partnership between the School and three Front Range research institutions. > read more

Water purification device

EPICS Team Tackles Clean Water Challenge

When academic students tackle real-world problems, the results can be remarkable. This story of two EPICS teams trying to solve a third-world water purification problem is a case in point.
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Dr. KazemiA Brief Conversation with Hossein Kazemi

A veteran of oil and gas production reflects on past accomplishments and the future of the industry in this interview with Mines magazine.
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