The Network
An Important Message from the Alumni Association

The Colorado School of Mines Foundation is seeking to update its governing documents to allow for a wider base of shared accountability and responsibility. This requires broad participation from alumni and we invite your involvement. Please click here to access a detailed letter on the subject. Thanks for getting involved!

CSMAA Online Community Coming Soon

Starting soon, the Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association is going to be ramping up its online presence; our brand new online community is scheduled for launch late spring/early summer. Built on a widely used and feature-rich platform, the online community will make it easier than ever to reconnect with old friends and stay in touch with Mines. Here is a preview of what it will include:

  • Member profile pages customizable and viewable by others (unlimited photos and text)
  • Search for friends or fellow alumni by name, city, degree, occupation and more
  • Customize the information you receive from Mines - you tell the Alumni Association what you want to hear about
  • Reconnect with classmates through user-friendly message boards, chat, friends list, instant notes and who's online features
  • Register for events quickly and easily - see who's already attending
  • Create sub-communities: by region, graduation year, occupation, interests... whatever you wish (full community feature functionality at subgroup level)
  • Stay up-to-date with new happenings in your regional Mines community and the School
  • Post and review job openings
  • Update your contact information
  • Pay membership dues securely
  • Buy Mines apparel from the new merchandise store
  • Donate online
  • And more!

Panel of CEOs and Senior Executives Share Secrets of Success

The Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association recently invited a panel of seasoned executives to share their experiences and perspectives on leadership before a standing-room-only audience of students and alumni in the Green Center. The title of the event was "Lessons in Leadership: Advice You Can Use," and panelists responded to a variety of practical questions. The event was held under the direction of CSMAA board member Kelly Taga '00 and Jafar Tabian '00. Full audio of the event can be downloaded here. Here we share a selection of comments from panelists.

Tim Marquez '80 - Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Venoco, Inc.
"The two personality factors that most contributed to my success are tenacity and drive to excel. I think my tenacity was both instilled and inherent. I was born into a family of hard-headed people, but I have successfully refined this to a higher (more stubborn?) level. My drive to excel was instilled. There was a time that I accepted mediocrity, but I have come to abhor it and always try to excel at everything I do."

Bruce D. Hansen '80 - Chief Executive Officer and Director General, Moly Inc.
"Natural resource development is globally diverse. I recommend pursuing an overseas assignment to broaden your understanding of the global dynamics. Also, take a course from the CSM MIPER program to learn about political risk assessment and get some foundational education about the global community. Be a world citizen - educate yourself by reading, studying and traveling."

Robert Carlson '96 - Director of Finance and Treasury, CoorsTek Inc.
"I am an avid reader and one book that has influenced me is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I admire her idea of self betterment and individualism. Our purpose is to make ourselves better and push ourselves harder on a daily basis. I believe that when we improve ourselves every day, we become better leaders, better thinkers, and better friends.

Sandy Stash '81 - Vice President - Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, BP Exploration Alaska
"Sheer tenacity most contributed to any success I have had in my career - and in my life. There are a lot of smart and talented people out there, and I truly believe that many times it is tenacity that makes the difference."