Grand Curiosity

Mines magazine received several letters inquiring where the picture of the Colorado River featured on the cover of the summer issue was taken. The picture was obtained from Shutterstock, a stock photography website, and the only information provided was “bend in the Colorado River.” We will endeavor to include as much detail as possible on photography featured in the magazine, and we appreciate the interest shown by readers.

The following is unrelated to
Mines magazine, but we thought it would be of interest to readers. Laura is an alumna working in the oil and gas industry and living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This morning, while following the U.S. vice presidential debates live via the New York Times website, I was terribly pleased to see CSM articulately represented in the “College Newspaper Editors Viewpoints.” The referenced, energy-focused points Mr. Aman posted reflects a serious, informed electorate, and I am proud to forward that article to my colleagues as a representation of my alma mater. Living as an expatriate in the energy industry for a large portion of the last six years, I’m extremely pleased to find CSM actively participating in the national discussion leading up to this November’s election.

Absolute kudos to whomever initiated and coordinated this participation, and a special thanks to Mr. Aman for his representation.

Laura Schafer ’00, MS ’02