Investing in Mines
"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
Rising to the Marquez Challenge
Contributions surpass $20 million for Marquez Hall

When Tim ’80 and Bernie Marquez pledged $10 million in 2005 toward construction of a state-of-the-art petroleum engineering building, they made Mines history with the largest individual contribution ever made to the school. To magnify the impact of their gift, the Marquezes challenged Mines to match their $10 million with gifts from other individual, corporate and foundation donors.

Mines’ philanthropic partners have contributed generously to meet the Marquez match, and more than $20 million has now been invested toward construction of Marquez Hall. While groundbreaking is planned for next summer, an additional $5 million is required to complete the first $25-million phase of the building.

Since the last Marquez Hall project update featured in the spring 2008 edition of Mines magazine, Colorado School of Mines has received the following generous commitments:

Mahir M. Jalili ’71 estate $1,529,000
Chevron Corporation $1,000,000
Marathon Oil Corporation $1,000,000
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation $500,000
Devon Energy Corporation $500,000
Questar Corporation $400,000
Bud ’64 and Kaye Isaacs $250,000
Ward Petroleum Corporation $100,000
Will Fleckenstein ’86, MS ’88, PhD ’00 $50,000

Chevron contributes $1,245,000 to Mines; Other Recent Gifts
Colorado School of Mines recently received nine large gifts:

Harry D. Campbell ‘42 continued his support of Marquez Hall and the Harry D. Campbell Endowed Scholarship Fund with gifts totaling $361,179.

Chevron contributed gifts totaling $1,245,000 to support the Chevron Education Center for Study of the Earth in Marquez Hall; a partnership between Mines and the Kazak National Technical University; earth science and engineering-related educational events and programs; and an integrated program in basin modeling.

ConocoPhillips contributed $250,000 to support the ConocoPhillips SPIRIT Scholars Program, SUMMET (Summer Minority Engineering Training Program), several academic departments and student organizations, geoscience fellowships and the McBride Honors Program.

The Henry Luce Foundation contributed $114,313 to support the Clare Boothe Luce Professorship.

Questar Corporation contributed $134,000 toward their $400,000 pledge to the Marquez Hall building project.

Tom Snedeker ‘36 continued his support for Mines’ Petroleum Engineering Department with gifts totaling $130,000 to fund three charitable gift annuities.

Frank and Dot Stermole made gifts totaling almost $1 million for a charitable gift annuity in continued support of athletics at Mines.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation contributed $278,500 in support of their $1,167,000 pledge for the Engineering Schools of the West Initiative.

The Xcel Energy Foundation contributed $300,000 toward the Colorado Clean Energy & Environment Project at CERI (Colorado Energy Research Institute).

Other recent gifts over $25,000 from individuals, corporations and foundations:

The Adolph Coors Foundation contributed $75,000 to support the Adolph Coors Foundation Scholarships.

Marshall C. III ‘67 and Jane Crouch made a $25,000 pledge payment toward their $250,000 commitment to Marquez Hall.

The Edna Bailey Sussman Fund contributed $60,400 in continued support of environmental internships for Mines students.

EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. contributed $35,000 to support students in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering.

ExxonMobil contributed $25,000 to the Mathematical Association of America’s regional meeting.

Hershal C., Jr. ‘58 and Judy Ferguson gave $25,000 to establish the Ferguson Athletic Scholarship Fund, which will provide scholarships to undergraduate students who participate in varsity sports at Mines. This year marked Hershal’s 50th class reunion.

William W. Fleckenstein ‘86, MS ‘88, PhD ‘00 contributed $50,000 to Marquez Hall.

Joe W. ‘68 and Jane E. Gray gave $25,000 in honor of Joe’s 40th reunion.

Hanna Oil & Gas Company contributed $25,000 to establish an endowed scholarship fund in memory of Joe Thompson ‘59.

HP awarded an HP Technology for Teaching cash and product package grant valued at $92,000.

Claudia E. Jacobus, a friend of Mines and widow of the late Carl L. Hiltrop, and Ellen J. Bondurant ‘75 established the Dr. Carl L. Hiltrop Memorial Scholarship Fund with a gift of $26,500, to support students studying chemistry and geochemistry while participating in a varsity or club sport.

Patrick M. ‘68 and Sharon James made a $25,000 gift to establish the Leslie S. James Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund to honor the life and achievements of Pat’s father.

Ben E. Mares ‘73 made gifts totaling $27,620 in support of athletics programs, including softball and women’s basketball, at Mines.

Robert E. III ‘68 and Ann McKee contributed $25,382 in continued support of the McKee Family Scholarship Fund.

Charlie McNeil ‘71 gave $25,000 in continued support of the Student Recreation Center.

The Mikkelson Foundation contributed $33,000 to the Engineering and Applied Technology Program.

James B. Mollison ‘58 made a $50,000 gift in honor of his 50th reunion to support field trips and field camp for students in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering.

Phuriphan Phirakijkusol, friend of the school, contributed $30,000 to support the Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry at Mines.

Robert G. Piper ‘49 contributed $27,404 in continued support of the Robert G. and Geraldine D. Piper Endowed Scholarship Fund

Denice Volk Reich established an endowed scholarship fund in honor of her parents, Russell H. ‘26, MS ‘31 and Alice Volk, with a $25,000 gift.

Rio Tinto contributed $40,000 toward the Rio Tinto Scholarship Fund.

Charles E. ‘61 and Louanne Shultz continued their support of the Shultz Athletic Scholarship Endowment Fund with a $51,885 gift.

St. Mary Land & Exploration Company contributed $25,000 toward their $125,000 pledge to the Marquez Hall building project.

Alice M. Tolen made a $50,000 contribution in continued support of the Delbert F. Tolen Scholarship Fund.

The acknowledgements listed quarterly in Mines magazine recognize single gifts of $25,000 and greater. Over the course of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008, the following individuals gave multiple gifts that totaled $25,000 or more:

William J. and Louise K. Barrett
Edmund R. Blakeman ‘51
Lawrence ‘49 and Rose Curtis
Stan and Judy Dempsey
Hugh W. ‘49 and Ann Evans
J. William II ‘70 and Carolyn J. Fishback
Lorenz ‘56 and Luanna Goetz
David M. Grimes
Harold M. ‘68 and Patricia M. Korell
M. W. and Karen G. Scoggins
Michael R. ‘83 and Patricia K. ‘83 Starzer
Andrew P. ‘78 and Sherry Swiger
Jody L. ‘01 and Adrienne Trantham
Warren L. ‘62 and Ada B. Wright