Letter to Our Readers
Dear Readers
I'm particularly pleased to present this spring issue of Mines magazine; it’s packed with compelling stories about remarkable people in diverse walks of life. Mines pride will run a little deeper if you take the time to read them.

The cover story on Joe Gray ’68 chronicles the career of a remarkable scientist who, after making several pivotal contributions to cytogenetic research, is now working on the very front lines of the fight against cancer. He’s about to launch an unprecedented clinical study that will treat breast cancer with individualized and targeted treatments based on the unique DNA signatures of each patient’s tumor.

In another feature story, we report on the decades-long effort to encourage and
support female students
at Mines. While women still only make up a quarter of the
student body, they occupy about half of the student leadership positions. This story
discusses this surprising statistic. Also, in this issue’s Spotlight section, read about
Jaime Thorpe, Mines’ third female student body president.

“The New Age of Steel” looks at how changes in the energy sector are creating
demand for new formulations of highly specialized steel, which has the industry
increasingly looking to the school’s Steel Center for solutions.

Don’t miss the Inside Mines story about Kiefer Stumpp’s lucky find, and his generous
donation to the Geology Museum. (You’ll also learn what happens when lightening
hits damp sand under just the right conditions.) In our Inside Mines report on Midyear
Degree Convocation, we also reflect on the dramatic increase in undergraduate
applications for next year. In other stories we cover the increasingly popular pre-med
program and the recently overhauled energy minor.

New Frontiers reports on how a graduate student, assisted by his advisors and the
school’s supercomputer, made history by modeling hydrate nucleation for the first time.

In Scoreboard, we discuss how Mines ended the fall semester ranked seventh in the
nation in the NCAA Division II Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup standings.

We offer two engaging profiles in this issue. Jack ’70, MS ’71, PhD ’77 and
Karen ’84 Krug, who recently retired from the oil industry, are now making wine and
farming cattle on Whidbey Island, Washington (see some great photos here). James
Johnson ’03, a NASA space shuttle flight controller, is doing the same job as those
largely credited with bringing the Apollo 13 crew safely back to Earth in 1970. His
average workday involves rehearsing for just such eventualities.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this issue. Please write anytime or email: magazine@mines.edu.

Nick Sutcliffe
Editor and Director of Communications
Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association