Letter to our Readers
Dear Readers,

I'm pleased to present this collection of compelling stories about Colorado School of Mines and those who make up our remarkable community. They have inspired and impressed me as I've put them together - I hope they will do the same for you.

In the cover story, mine safety veteran Bob Ferriter '60, MS '73 candidly shares his insight into some of the factors behind the tragic coal mining accidents of recent years. Frequently asked by national media to comment after such incidents, Ferriter shares his insider's perspective on a system of oversight that is badly in need of reform.

The Mines campus is usually a lush and tranquil place during the summer months, but not this year. If you read "Campus Construction," you'll understand why. The school will be adding four buildings - the equivalent of about five football fields of building space - to campus over the next two years, and the two largest of these are already in full swing.

Prompted by the outstanding results of the 2009-10 year in varsity sports and the vibrancy of Mines' recreational sports programs, a third feature story, "Learn to Play, Play to Learn," takes a look at some of the contributing factors behind this renaissance in sports at Mines.

Inside Mines includes a story about the "discovery" of a painting by the famous 19th century painter, Albert Bierstadt, that belongs to the school. Also read about how students, as part of a class in leadership, were faced with tough choices when tasked with distributing $4,000 in alumni donations to student organizations.

In Spotlight and you can read about the profound contribution that Bob Kee, the George R. Brown Distinguished Chair in Engineering, has made to modern life through computational modeling software he developed in the late 1970s - if you read his profile, you may think of him the next time you use a cell phone or look at your gas gauge.

Models of a different kind are discussed in New Frontiers with the work of Ed Balistreri, associate professor of economics and business. By simulating macro dynamics of the global economy, he's helping lawmakers and politicians devise effective policy, particularly in the area of climate change and carbon tax.

Don't miss the alumni profiles: George Taniwaki '81 has taken the remarkable step of offering one of his kidneys for transplantation to a recipient he doesn't know and may never meet; and Scott Hodgson '03 is helping his old department expand by playing a lead role in the construction of the $33 million, 78,000-square-foot Brown Hall addition.

As always, your feedback is valued and appreciated - send comments and opinions to magazine@mines.edu, or to PO Box 1410, Golden, CO 80402.

The upcoming fall/winter issue will mark Mines' 100th anniversary - volume 1, number 1 was published in Oct. 1910. We are planning a suitably celebratory issue to mark the occasion.

Nick Sutcliffe

Editor and Director of Communications
Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association

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